Watercolour Painting

Every Tuesday Morning. This could be you.

Join us!  $2 drop-in.  10 – Noon.  All levels welcome.

Peer supported sessions (no formal instruction).  Supplies available at the hall for your use. Or, just stop in sometime and have a look, and see if it’s something you’d like to give a try.  Admission: we each tried it for a first time, and now keep coming back.  There’s about 20 of us and more folks keep joining …

Taghum Hall is bright and spacious; perfect for painting.  Watercolour painting is very forgiving, with surprising and often spectacular results. The paint fluidity lends itself to a beautiful mixing and blending. Come try for yourself!

Parachutes for the Planet – a workshop for kids, July 31st

Why Parachutes?

Saving the environment is vital to our health, safety and future, and “parachutes” are a metaphor for this process. These parachutes (non-functional) are circular pieces of cloth decorated with artwork and personal comments about our concerns about the health of our planet. Parachutes can be seen as “safety nets” and when held by groups during demonstrations or collectively displayed in large numbers, they transform into powerful messages of strength, hope and communal determination.

For more Parachutes for the Planet information, go here.

This art project was initiated by 14-year-old Kallan Benson in Maryland to raise awareness of people living sustainable lives and affected by climate change. Nelson’s chapter of Citizen Climate Lobby (CCL)  is inviting groups to have fun and create art on a parachute, to illustrate their concern/hope for living in a sustaible world. It’s pretty open ended, with exception to include the group name and location on the outer border of the chute.
Our local CCL members will take with them to Ottawa, for  the annual CCL National Conference and lobby days in October. They will be on display on Parliament Hill with other Canadian projects.
More info can be found at:
You Tube
Instructions and examples for making the parachute: https://motherearthproject.org/parachutes/
This link is from US and gives info about sending finished parachute on to Washington. But we are asking that they be given to the CCL group to take to Ottawa.


Storage Shelves, please

Our storage area needs some organizing.  Do you have storage shelves that could hold plastic tote bins that you’d like to pass on?  We’d love to hear from you, to see if the size fits!



Student Work ! Apply now.

Administrative Assistant – Canada Summer Job position
Full-time (30/wk)
An 8-week full time Canada Summer Job position for a student in full time attendance both last and next academic year. Duties include researching and planning a display/event for BC Culture Days; providing administrative and practical support to Creative Spaces art Camp; and office duties related to Taghum Hall’s events and programs.

Taghum Community Society AGM – June 14

June 14th

Come see what’s been happening at Taghum Hall.  Learn about upcoming projects and events.  Renew your membership or become a member to vote on what you’d like to see happen at the Hall. As an organization run solely by volunteers, we very much value your input and participation.  The Taghum Hall Open House will begin at 6 pm, followed by the Annual General Meeting at 7 pm.

See you there!