A Taghum Hall Wish List

Dear Community,

Santa Claus has come and gone, yet there are still a few items we could really use:

  • tea towels & dish cloths
  • a cribbage board
  • clean quart jars with rings
  • a bookcase
  • a microphone
  • art supplies
  • a locking cabinet
  • a trolley cart
  • 4 heavy-duty castors

Thanks so much.

~ T. H.

Ps. Yes, we have been good.

WANTED: a volunteer, Volunteer Co-ordinator

With so many excellent shows and events happening at the facility, the Taghum Hall Society desires a Volunteer Co-ordinator to spread all that joy around. ‘Many hands make light work’, and we intend Taghum Hall to function as a collective effort.  If you have the finesse for co-ordinating and overseeing, please consider this volunteer position.  We really are a fun team to work with.  Come meet your community!  For details, contact Heather at taghumhall@shaw.ca.  WE WANT YOU!

Open Performance Stage at Fall Harvest Festival

We have organized a few musical acts to take to the outdoor stage at the Taghum Hall Harvest Festival on October 15, but we have a spot left for you!

Your choice of performance – instrument, voice, hip hop, hula hoop, comedy, whatever … just remember please this is a family event!  15 minute maximum.

You can either contact us at taghumhall@shaw.ca and book a 15 minute spot, or simply show up and sign-up for an available slot.

Tai Chi with Anthony Lee Hem

Thursdays,  1:30 – 2:30, Jan 19 – Mar 9

Taghum Community Hall

$100 for 8 classes              REGISTER: unifiedfields.ca/taiji-registration

Relieve stress, build internal energy and find healing with Tai Chi Sun Style. Developed by Dr. Paul Lam of Australia in conjunction with a team of Tai Chi and medical experts, this short form program has gained immense global popularity and is ideal for beginner and intermediate levels.

ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR Anthony Lee Hem has been training in Taiji (Tai Chi) since 1995. He has found this art form to be a perfect complement to his 20 years of Martial Arts training. Find out more at www.unifiedfields.ca

“Absolutely a joyful, graceful and engaging emissary of the art and way of being—and one who shares and teaches with great good humor and remarkable patience. Thank you Anthony.” – Jim Sellers and Judy Bader