Brushes & Lunch at Taghum Hall

Come join Steve Quattrocchi as he leads a watercolour painting session for all levels of painters, including beginners.  Paint study will begin at 10:00 am sharp, followed by a delicious lunch served at 12:30 pm.  Please plan to arrive early to gather your supplies and settle-in.  Advance ticket purchase is REQUIRED. Purchase at Cowan Office Supply in Nelson, or by e-transfer to There are limited tickets available for this workshop.

$45 all supplies included    $35 with your own supplies   $5 discount with Hall membership

See a complete supply list below.

The Secret of Snow

Snow is a challenging and variable subject.  From sunlight gleaming on fresh snow banks to dark and moody snowstorms, snow has an infinite variety of appearances.  Capturing these convincingly in watercolour involves many techniques from wet on wet to the use of salt and other additives.

Join Steve Quattrocchi at Taghum hall for an exploration of the various approaches to colour and mood in watercolour snowscapes.


Steve Quattrocchi

Nature is the primary inspiration for Steve’s art.  In his paintings, he tries to create the feeling of reality, though not in the photographic sense.  His paintings draw you in and make you feel that you are present in the scene, feeling the winds and smelling the pines.  His compositions are both bright and serene, which reflects his personal experience – Steve has spent his lifetime exploring and hiking the remote areas of British Columbia, and he brings the landscapes he sees back to the studio.

Steve’s visual impairment gives him an unique set of challenges.  For example, his astigmatism makes it difficult to use traditional techniques such as perspective, but he sees his disability in a positive light.  Unable to focus on detail, he has to interpret the larger scene and capture the essence of what he is painting.  He feels that his lack of depth perception gives him a huge advantage when transferring a three-dimensional scene into two dimensions.

Steve is a founding member and director (from 2008-2016) of Artists Helping Artists, an art co-operative based in Burnaby BC, dedicated to bringing together able-bodied and disabled artists in a collaborative workspace.  His works hang in private and corporate collections across North America.  He has been exhibiting his art for many years in both solo and group contexts.


Artist’s Statement

Art, to me, is a spiritual expression.  Through my paintings and photographs I am searching for the resonance that the subject, whether a natural vista or urban landscape, evokes in me.  I then try to communicate that resonance through the brush or the camera lens.

I work primarily in acrylics, pastels and watercolor and I use bold colors and direct, uncluttered compositions that speak strongly to the viewer.

Eisenhauers AND Cam Penner & Jon Wood – Nov 24th

A Taghum Concert Series presentation of:

The Eisenhauers AND Cam Penner & Jon Wood

Tickets $18 at the door.  $15 for Hall members, and in advance at Taghum Shell or Eddy Music.  Starts, 7:30 pm

The Eisenhauers are a married folk duo from Kaslo BC. Their songs blend traditional alt-country with modern folk with new innovation and depth. It has been said that all Canadian writing inevitably reflects the almost impenetrable vastness of the land and the great distances that separate us.

 If The Road We Once Knew is any indication, you’d be hard pressed not to come to the same conclusion about Canadian music. Simple, spare and heartbreaking in its directness, the concepts of distance, time and the wavering arcs of separation and reunion have rarely been as compellingly explored as they are in this powerful debut album.


Cam Penner & Jon Wood have been moving audiences for the last ten years. They have toured their traveling show extensively through Canada and Europe.

The symphony of sound and lyricism showcase the inevitable evolution of this duo. The live show is as fragile as it is grand. Like watching a tight rope walker or a trapeze artist at work. It’s folk. It’s rock n’ roll. It’s Cam Penner and Jon Wood breathing fire into every note and lyric.

Taghum Toonie-Tune Circle Jam


Enjoy playing music? Enjoy listening?

Come drop-in to a casual acoustic musician’s circle-jam every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month at the newly renovated Taghum Hall. Circle Jam begins at 7 pm. All levels and ages welcome!

Bring along any instrument you like, just your voice, or even a tapping heel!  A toonie donation will cover hall costs.


Starry Night Astronomy Program

Wayne Holmes runs the Starry Night Astronomy Program that allows people in the Nelson area the rare opportunity to explore the wonders of the night sky. You can view the sky through telescopes set up at Taghum Hall which is located in an area with a large sky view and little light interference.

Wayne Holmes
Wayne Holmes – Photo by Kirsten Hildebrand, Nelson Star

On select, usually moonless nights, Wayne sets up two Newtonian mirror telescopes and, as people view star clusters, planets, nebulae and galaxies, he briefly explains what the objects are, how they came to be, and what will happen to them in the future.

The Solar Sunday Program, that runs during the warmer days of late spring through to late fall, gives people the chance to view the Sun safely through two types of filtered telescopes on select Sunday afternoons. The chromium-nickel filtered telescope gives us details of sunspots, while the hydrogen-alpha solar telescope is used to examine flares, prominences, and the textured photosphere.

Schools, science camps and youth or seniors’ groups can arrange a night or daytime program at Taghum Hall or a location of their choice.

To be included on the Taghum Hall Starry Night email list and receive notice of viewing events plus an astronomical event calendar at the beginning of each month, or simply for more information, contact Wayne Holmes at or 250-354-1586.

For current program schedule, contact the Taghum Hall Society at