Bridge Mondays

…or other games! Join a growing number of game-players who gather each week. Varying skill levels. 1:00–4:00pm. Drop-in, $5. Well-behaved dogs are welcome at Taghum Hall. Fine company, goodies and refreshments offered too!

This is sweet Connor, Taghum Hall’s old best friend, and sorely missed.

Due to COVID-19, physical distancing protocols will be in place. Everyone must wear a mask. Vaccination passports are required at Taghum Hall.

Another sunny dog day at Taghum Hall Bridge. Heather treats them right.

Watercolour Painting Drop-In, Tuesdays, 10:00am–12:00pm

Yippee!  The Taghum Hall crew would like to invite you back to Watercolour Tuesdays. Covid protocols in place, and please wear a mask. Vaccination passports are required at Taghum Hall.


Join us!  $5 drop-in.  10 – Noon.  All levels welcome.

Peer supported sessions (no formal instruction).  Supplies available at the hall for your use. Or, just stop in sometime and see if it’s something you’d like to try. 

Taghum Hall is bright and spacious; perfect for painting. Watercolour painting is very forgiving, with surprising and often spectacular results. The paint fluidity lends itself to a beautiful mixing and blending. Come try for yourself!

Well behaved dogs are welcome.

Want to paint for longer?  Stay for our “Painting Studio” 12–4 pm (unless the hall is booked for something else that day). $5

(This is pre-COVID. Now we wear masks and keep our distance!)