Watercolour Painting Drop-In, Tuesdays, 10:00am–12:00pm

Yippee!  The Taghum Hall crew would like to invite you back to Watercolour Tuesday.  But wait, don’t pack-up your brushes and paints just yet; there are a few things you need to know due to COVID-19…
PHYSICAL DISTANCING: Limit of 20 painters in the hall at a time.  Additional plein air artists may attend as long as social distancing is observed (and the weather cooperates, of course!) Refrain from entering the hall in a clump …wait your turn… to maintain appropriate social distance, and use the provided hand sanitize upon entering the  hall.. Two painters per 8′ table …one at each end to create more than enough social distance. No mad rushes to the coffee machine (although I know you have all been missing our snacks!)  Please wait your turn…. there is more where that came from! And discard your paper cups and napkins when you have finished your snack. Refrain from entering the kitchen.  Jars of water will be set out for your use.  Limit washroom use to the large, non-gender one by the front door, and give the surfaces you have touch a wee wipe with the bleach solution provided before you leave. If you need painting supplies from the Hall’s supply cabinet, please ask a volunteer to get what you need, and give borrowed items a wipe with bleach solution when you return them.
If you think you can still have fun after abiding with all these guidelines, come on out Tuesdays, and join your painting friends for a morning of watercolour! See you then. More info below.


Join us!  $5 drop-in.  10 – Noon.  All levels welcome.

Peer supported sessions (no formal instruction).  Supplies available at the hall for your use. Or, just stop in sometime and see if it’s something you’d like to try.  There’s about 15 regulars, and more folks keep joining …

Taghum Hall is bright and spacious; perfect for painting. Watercolour painting is very forgiving, with surprising and often spectacular results. The paint fluidity lends itself to a beautiful mixing and blending. Come try for yourself!

Want to paint for longer?  Stay for our “Painting Studio” 12–4 pm (unless hall is booked for something else). $5